Friday, April 8, 2011

Will Work for Cat Food

If I had a cardboard sign, that's what mine would say. If you have hungry little mouths to feed, here's a deal for you.

I just found this site called RecycleBank that's all about ways that you can "green" your home. You earn ponts and then redeem them for various incentives. One of the deals they have going on right now, and I don't know how long it will last is free Friskies canned food.

I joined a few minutes ago and then I clicked on "Earn Points" at the top, and the very first thing is something about earning points and entering to win great prizes. That link takes you to a promotional page where you go into each room of a "house" and you click on the plus signs on the images and answer questions or play games, and it tells you right away how many points you earn for each thing.

Once you have some points built up (I earned 100 points in less than 20 minutes), then click on "Get Rewards."

They have a bunch of Rewards Categories, and if you scroll that mini-window all the way to the right, that's where the Pet rewards are. Right now, the Friskies canned food is "on sale." It's normally 75 points for a coupon for two free cans, but tonight, it's only charging you 10 points. They mail you a coupon.

I've looked around a little bit, and you can earn points for gift cards, discount coupons, magazine subscriptions and lots of stuff.

If you want to give RecycleBank a try, it's free to sign up.