Sunday, July 31, 2011

Target Brand Rips Off ModernCat

I was disappointed, but not really surprised to learn that Target is one of those mega-corporations that delight in stealing ideas from smaller start-ups.

ModernCat is a terrific website with great information on cat products, and they also manufacture a few products of their own. Their products are produced pretty much by hand, with the health and well-being of cats in mind.

Target apparently liked their unique scratching post concept, but instead of asking for a licensing deal to manufacture them en masse, the corporate bigwigs decided that it's okay to rip off the little person, steal their concept, and run them out of business.

Either that or some low-life that's working for them saw the ModernCat scratching post and passed off the idea as their own. You can read more about it on the ModernCat site.

Whichever, ModernCat's artistic and functional product is now being mass produced in China to substandard specs, allowing Target to undercut the retail price ModernCat charges, without paying ModernCat a dime.

That complete lack of ethics and morals, the lack of true innovation in corporate America, and the propensity to steal from the little guys is what is ruining this country.

Target, you should be ashamed!