Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Commercials That Remind Me of My Cat Kali

In the past week or so, I've seen two TV commercials that remind me of my cat Kali Malicious. I should mention that Kali can be kind of vicious sometimes (hence her middle name), and she's also very creative and artistic.

The first TV ad I saw that reminded me of Kali was this one, for a new clothing line at Target from designer Jason Wu. This black cat runs around the art studio, tearing things up and knocking things around, and leaving beautiful and clever creations in her wake. That is so like Kali!

Just this morning, I spotted this Geico commercial, featuring a big black cat that seems to be hungry. I could see Kali Malicious looking at me like this. I typically find Geico commercials to be stupid and pointless. In a way, I suppose this one is, too, because after I saw it, I couldn't remember what product it was for. When I told people about it, I said I thought it was for A.D.T. Home Security.

Dark, mysterious, funny and talented. That's my Kali Malicious, to a T.