Monday, May 16, 2011

Make It Monday for Cats: HackyCat

It's sort of a hacky sack for cats, this latest DIY cat toy is. It's very easy to make and it's environmentally friendly, because you recycle old socks or shirts to make it.

Basically, you need a fabric tube. The designer used the sleeve from a thermal shirt but also recommends making it with thin socks. Knot one end and trim as needed. Add a little stuffing and catnip. Knot the other end and trim. Voila! Instant cat toy. It looks like something my cats would enjoy, and next time I clean out my closet, I'm making some!

The complete instructions are free at Pets Advisor


breakmydreams said...

A good idea for cat toys, but where do I buy catnip at???

Kitty Chick said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Catnip is widely available in department stores (such as Wal-mart)in the pet section or at pet stores like Petsmart. I have also had very good luck ordering different items, though not catnip, from

The thing about them (and a lot of online retailers) is that if you buy one small bag of catnip, by the time you pay shipping on it, you've probably doubled your cost. If you buy several things and divide the shipping cost between them, then it's not so bad. Like, I used to buy six packets of Pill Pockets at a time, but when I added $1 per packet to the overall cost of each item, it was still cheaper than the local stores. If I was buying one packet, adding $6 shipping would have made it more expensive than the local stores.

You can also try growing your own catnip. Catnip seeds may be available at your local garden center or DIY store with a gardening section. You can also order online. Here is one link, and I'm sure you can find more.